Exporting reports with your own logo etc

We are running

Greenbone Security Manager

Greenbone OS 6.0.7

On a XenServer VM
Using greenbone iso build.

My question is we want to put some of our own information into a PDF report that is exported to provide to end users.
Our company name
A little about what the report is about and what mitigation steps will be performed.
For report list we want to list only certain things in the table for the findings.

Vulnerability Detection result
Affected Software /OS
Vulnerability Insight
Vulnerability Detection Method

Is this even possible with community edition?
If so is there a tutorial on how to do it I have search all the documentation and have not seen how to do yet.


I am sorry this isn’t possible at all currently.


Thanks for the information.
Is it possible in other format like XML etc… then we can convert that to PDF?
We just want to be able to present to end users in a quicker scan format if that makes sense.