Exporting OpenvasDocker Image - Windows

Hi, I downloaded Docker community containers and I need to put them into .tar so that I can move the entire OpenVas to another device. Unfortunately, when I try to run these .tar images via docker compose, the logs show that it is waiting for the postgresql container and the system cannot execute the tail /var/… commands. I am doing this entire process on Windows. How do I modify the docker-compose file so that I can run and test these containers on Windows? I put the images into .tar.However, after docker-load and docker-compose up, the problem described above appears. It’s interesting that if I download community containers and want to run them straight away, openvas runs for me.

Since you’ve already exported the Docker images to .tar files and imported them on another system, I’ll assume this part was done correctly. However, for clarity and for future reference, here’s how it’s typically done:

docker save -o <image-name>.tar <image-name>

Transfer the tar file to the new machine and import the Docker image:

docker load -i <image-name>.tar

Aside from that, I think you will need to seek support from Docker documentation or community on how to migrate containers beween systems. :slight_smile:

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