Exported targets and scans and can't import them again on reinstall

Used GCE version: (check via the About menu entry)

So I had version 6, and exported all my scans and config, to try the Pro 20.08 because 6 became EOL.

Lo and behold, I export all assets / targets to XML, and try to add them back, by specifying target list: the XML that I exported.
Click on Save, the whole appliance died. It can’t even login anymore, and it errored out on import…

What is the right way to import in 20.08 the:

  1. scans from v6: XML file
  2. Targets from v6: XML file

I’m not sure what scans are, is it configured tasks? If it is, neither tasks nor targets can be imported. The export function serves debugging and documenting purposes only.