Export whole report with python-gvm

I am not able to export a whole report to XML with python-gvm get_report function. The exported report has just basic info in it. I have tried result filters or even without them. I use latest gvm 11 with python-gvm (1.3.0) (GMP 9). Is it possible to do it?

If you want results in your report and not just some basic info (I guess, that’s what you mean by “whole report”?) you have to send a details=1 parameter with the get_report.

The standard is details=0 to improve performance and only supply the results when explicitly requested.


Hi Steffen,

I’m using the latest gvm 11 with python-gvm v1.0.0 (GMP 9), but got below error instead.

TypeError: get_report() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘details’

Is this a known issue for python-gvm v1.0.0?

Edit: Ooopps, just found this info [Report arguments by bjoernricks · Pull Request #163 · greenbone/python-gvm · GitHub] and it answered my question.