Export to Verinice not working

Hi I am unsing GSA 7.0.3. When trying to export a report to Verinice (ISM and ITG) the result is an empty file.
I added notes to some findings and still nothing.
What are the conditions under which such a report will be generated?


What exactly do you mean by ‘empty file’? A size of 0 bytes or no results in the exported .vna / enclosed XML? Do other report formats work?
A possible explanation if you don’t get results is that you had log-level results filtered out.

To better understand your situation, it would be good to know what version of scanner, manager, etc. you are using.

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Hi greyhat, Olli,

I’m new here and to GSA (v7.0.3) & verinice. I too am having the issue that when I download a report as ISM, ITG it is empty (0 bytes) other formats are working fine. Has there been any update on this issue?


While ISM and ITG export empty is newer this thread has a solution in:

so closing this thread as a duplicate of the one mentioned above.