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Hello, I’m using the VM appliance GCE. Greenbone OS 6.0.3

After doing a scan and review the results there are some reports that I can export to, for example pfd, csv…

There is a page wich is so interesting for me, the one called vulnerabilities, under scans menu.
This page has a nice graph wich I can export to svg.
There is also a list of vulnerabilities wich I can filter and decide how many rows I want on it.
At the very end of the list there is a button called “export page content”.

I want to do that, export thsi nice list wich I can’t properly copy paste from web site (data got messed up). The button is doing nothing so please, how can I properly export this list?.
Thank you for your time.!

Hi Aux,

if I understand you correctly, you want to have an export of the vulnerabilities that looks like a downloaded report as pdf (or something else).

This, unfortunately, is not possible. The export on the vulnerabilities page gives you an xml with all the vulnerability information that you can see.

The report under Scans > Reports is linked to a specific task and this is what gets “reported” in the literal sense. That means, you can have a report of a specific task that has run.

The vulnerability view is not linked to a task and lists all vulnerabilities found across all tasks. For this there is no reporting in as, for example, pdf.

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As a guideline: everything that is called “Export” is in the format .XML

If you are accustomed to programming, you can write your own report format and script to generate a report of the vulnerabilities xml.

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Thank you for your answer, I can manage a XML doc, but the problem is there is no XML generated, so if that button has to generate it maybe I found a bug.

Sorry, I misread your message. Let me check that and I’ll come back to you.

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Ok, so I have checked back and the issue was known but fixed in a later version only (6.0.6) which is not packaged in the GCE. You’ll have to use GSE for now, I think.


Thank you for your help. I will wait to next release ;D

This is fixed in the new GCE 6.0.7, see https://community.greenbone.net/t/greenbone-community-edition-6-0-7-released/.