Export all scan results (from a single report or multiple) when then are more than 1000 results

Thanks for the answer. I tried uploading csv through the web interface, but the result only contains 1000 rows. I started to study this problem and ended up on this forum. It is strange that there is no way to export more than 1000 lines of results via the web interface.
I’m probably not the first who encountered this, maybe there is an example of a python script for converting xml received using gvm-cli on this forum?

I doubt it since this is a trivial task:

# using bs4 or element-tree
from bs4 import *
import sys, os

report_path = sys.argv[1]
assert os.path.isfile(report_path)

with open(report_path, 'r') as report_file:
    xml = BeautilfulSoup(report_file, 'xml'):
    assert xml

    # the structure is get_reports_response.report.report <- the inner tag is what we need
    report_tags = xml.find_all('report')
    report = report_tags[1]

    results = report.find_all('results')
    # do whatever you need with results

You can do pretty much the same with ElementTree - depends on your preference

is there any option to have CSV report format with more than 1000 result?