Exclude default SSH credentials check from scan

Hi everyone! I have a fresh OpenVAS 21.04 install, where I would like to exclude the default ssh credentials check from scans.

In the scan config, I have the following settings:

Under Edit Network Vulnerability Test Families (58) :

Brute force attacks:   0 of 14
Default Accounts:      0 of 287

Under Network Vulnerability Test Preferences (1108) :

Options for Brute Force NVTs    Disable brute force checks:      yes
Options for Brute Force NVTs    Disable default account checks:  yes
IT-Grundschutz: SSH and Telnet BruteForce attack \
       BruteForce Attacke with Default-Usern and -Passwords:     no

Nevertheless, when I run a task with this scan config and log_whole_attack = yes , openvas.log contains:

Launching default_ssh_credentials.nasl ( against <ip>

How can I find out which piece of configuration is still causing this check to be executed?

I know that in this topic the answer was to not weaken your scan, but in this case I would like to do this, because we’re making a “light” scan config that we can run more often.

Thanks for any hints!

Hello rolek, welcome to the Greenbone Community!

We have just identified and fixed an issue regarding this, please check out https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/1603.

It should then work as you have described.

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Hi Martin,

indeed, after rebuilding gvmd with the fix you mentioned, the check is excluded as expected.

Thanks a lot!

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