Errors Starting GCE

Hi! I’m still a newbie. I just got the GCE running yesterday, and ran some scans inside my network and against an external server (also my own). Before going to bed last night, I scheduled a scan of my entire home network (there aren’t that many devices). When I woke up, the web UI was nonresponsive. I can see that it is there, but when I try to log in, I get an error (“Login failed. Waiting for OMP service to become available.”). I rebooted the server (it is running in VirtualBox on my machine), and when I did I saw a few errors at the start-up screen. Those appear below:

The server still boots, but it tells me that the feed server isn’t available.

I’m now at a loss for what I can do to diagnose the problem. Any suggestions are appreciated!

How big is your virtual HDD ? Maybe your virtual HDD is full.

Thanks for the response. I hadn’t thought of the disk being full. Just checked, and it looks like it is about 45% used, if I am reading the screen correctly.

Then i would check the journal and /var/log for messages why the service did not come up.

Even I got the same error while configuring openvas using virtual appliance. So, to remove this error these steps can be considered:

  1. re-install the openvas and update security feed.
  2. check openvas manager is running or not (#openvasmd)

This is the Community Edition, such interactions are NOT needed with the GCE. Just select “sync” on the Menu. As soon you try something on the CLI you will brick the GCE and you need to reinstall it.