Error while building gsa 20.08


I am upgrading from gvm 11 to gvm20.08 .While building gsa - 20.0.8 ,I get the following error .
/usr/local/src/gvm20.08/gsa-20.8.0/build# make
[ 5%] Build gsa install files
yarn run v1.22.5
$ react-scripts build
/bin/sh: 1: react-scripts: not found
error Command failed with exit code 127.
info Visit for documentation about this command.
make[2]: *** [gsa/CMakeFiles/gsa.dir/build.make:1178: gsa/bundle.stamp] Error 127
make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/Makefile2:91: gsa/CMakeFiles/gsa.dir/all] Error 2
make: *** [Makefile:130: all] Error 2

How can I get rid of this and proceed further ?


Not sure what happened at your side exactly. The error is caused by not correctly installed nodejs packages. Therefore could you switch into the source directory and afterwards in the gsa subdirectory (should be cd ../gsa). Afterwards run the following

rm -rf node_modules

This should fix the installed node packages and make should run again in your build directory.

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Maybe install the react framework :wink:
Did you checked the build instructions here ?

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Hi @bricks

This aint working

/usr/local/src/gvm20.08/gsa-20.8.0/gsa# rm -rf node_modules
/usr/local/src/gvm20.08/gsa-20.8.0/gsa# yarn
yarn install v1.22.5
[1/5] Validating package.json…
[2/5] Resolving packages…
[3/5] Fetching packages…
[---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------] 0/1962Segmentation fault

Is there any other way to solve this ?


yes I did check them before building . I have all the perquisites installed

It seem your yarn version has a bug. Maybe you can check if there is a never one available?

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It could also be an issue with your nodejs version.


Thanks @bricks

I am facing issue with yarn , so I have installed npm instead of that . Now the gsa building works fine .
(thought that issue was with nodejs but the issue is by yarn)

Sorry all, but I do not understand the solution.
I got the same problem without been able to solve it.
I got yarn 1.22.5 upgrade to 1.22.10 no improvement
removed yarn and installed nodejs and npm no luck.
i do not have node_modules in gsa directory so nothing to remove.
Thanks for your help.