Error then try generate pdf report

I update my GVM to 23.11.0
After that, I started having problems with generating reports
I get the following error :
A timeout for the request to url take this error from another topic but its the same)

I have about 1900 results in my report.
I tried to generate only high and medium vulnerabilities (there are about 100-150 of them) and the report was generated successfully. On some other systems with the same configuration and more results, this problem is not present.

Also, when upgrading to a new version of gvm, I migrated the database from version 15 to 16 of psql

System Kali Linux
OpenVAS Scanner 22.7.9
Notus Scanner 22.6.2
ospd-OpenVAS 22.6.2
GVM Manager 23.1.0

I suggest you check your log files first and the alive status of the running components.

The request does not help here at all.

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it seems the request to generate the report takes longer then expected. You can try adjusting the request timeout via the settings in GSA. The default timeout is 5 minutes.


Thank you, which logs exactly should I check ?
gvm-check-setup says that installation is ok

I get error before I’m logged out, so I guess that’s not the problem, but I’ll give it a try, thanks

Your Syslog typical stored at /var/log/[…] and your GVM log as well :wink: