ERROR: No users found. You need to create at least one user to log in. FIX: create a user by running 'sudo runuser -u _gvm -- gvmd --create-user=<name> --password=<password>'

No matter what I do this will not work…This is the most frustrating software I have ever used.


I am sorry you have a bad experience with our software. From you message I guess you are using Kali Linux. Disclaimer: Greenbone is neither responsible for or involved in providing packages for Kali Linux. The setup in Kali is prone for errors because the environment changes rapidly. For example in the past the setup did break several times because of PostgreSQL version updates. This could also be a cause for your issues. Could you do me a favor and check the /var/log/gvm/gvmd.log file for possible errors and paste them here?

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Thank you for your response!

I receive this:

zsh: permission denied: /var/log/gvm/gvmd.log

Try again with root permissions please.

I have root permissions enabled.

Would you not recommend using Kali Linux with this system?

Does the file exist? If yes check the file permissions.

Using Kali means you need to spend more time to fix things with deeper knowledge about the software details which most users don’t have. The Kali developers just package our software as it is on a rolling distribution. We - the developers of the software - are using defined environments like Debian Bullseye which don’t change.

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Well, it is obvious that I have no idea what I am doing, apparently. Is there any way to roll back Greenbone to before I was having this issue?

Note that it sounds like you’re trying to “run” the log file (just pasted the string into the terminal) as a binary rather then opening it with a editor.

Please don’t take this as an offense, but if this was really done like this it is strongly recommended to follow a few Linux tutorials how to get familiar with working on the terminal and similar before trying to run such a complex software like the Greenbone Community Edition.

That would be a question for the Kali community / support as it is unknown if Kali also provides previous versions of the packages. In addition the problem could be also originating from the underlying operation system (e.g. some recent PostgreSQL issues had been reported on Kali) for which rolling back the software itself won’t be much of a help.