Error in PREFERENCES element When Importing Scan Config


I’m pretty new to Greenbone/OpenVAS and currently playing around with scanning web applications.

Therefore, I tried to import two scan configs trough uploading it in the web UI:

The XML looks valid after downloading, but for both of them, I am getting the error “Error in PREFERENCES element” within the web interface.

I’m on GSA 21.4.1 running on Kali 2021.2.

What could I do to use this scan configs or to debug the error?

Thanks and best regards

Hello rsp, welcome to the Greenbone Community!

This error means that the scan config is not compatible with the current GVM version.

I have checked both configs, and they were created for gvm-10, which is three major versions behind gvm-21.04, and end-of-life these days.

I will unlist the OWASP topic with the unsupported scan config. Where did you find the link to web-app-scan.xml?

I’ll also raise an internal issue to see if and how we may make such configs available in the future again, but I cannot promise anything here.


Alternatively the scan config can be simply created with the existing “Full and Fast” as a base:

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when I tried to import XML from

emotet_scan_config.xml (646.5 KB)

I received the same error message.


What XML parameter should be checked for the correct import? It would be fine to share between community existing policies for many cases of use.

Please see the following note on the compatibility of the scan config in that topic:

Compatiblitiy: Greenbone OS (GOS) or Greenbone Community Edition (GCE) < 6.0 / GVM < 11

Thanks, I missed this note, then this specific file cannot be used, hence I should do my own. I see.

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