Error in ospd-openvas.log

when I look inside ospd-opnvas.log, the only 3 lines I see, and they seem to be repeated every minute, are:

Warning: (ospd_openvas.openas) could not gather openvas settings. Reason Command '['openvas','-s']' returned non-zero exit status 127

Error: (ospd_openvas.daemin) openvas executable not available. Please install openvas into your path

INFO: (ospd.main) Shutting own server

I am running the community edition on Ubuntu 22.04 using the Docker install

I guess that the ospd-openvas service is not running. You should start it and enable if you want to automatically start on boot.

sudo systemctl start ospd-openvas
sudo systemctl enable ospd-openvas

Hi @mitchman10,

It seems you have not installed openvas-scanner at all, or you have installed it in a non accessible path.
Do you have the last Docker images? The ospd-openvas images includes the openvas scanner. I find this warnings/erros quite rares. Are you following the oficial Greenbone instructions?


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