Error in Installation Workflow?

Workflow for upgrading links to the building-and-installing-the-components documentation and while following this documentation the URLS in the step for “downloading the openvas scanner sources” can’t be found. What should the correct links be?

EDIT: I fixed the issue I am sure I had a typo another install guide used this command for the openvas scanner step and it worked.

curl -f -L$OPENVAS_SCANNER_VERSION.tar.gz -o $SOURCE_DIR/openvas-scanner-$OPENVAS_SCANNER_VERSION.tar.gz &&
curl -f -L$OPENVAS_SCANNER_VERSION/openvas-scanner-v$OPENVAS_SCANNER_VERSION.tar.gz.asc -o $SOURCE_DIR/openvas-scanner-$OPENVAS_SCANNER_VERSION.tar.gz.asc &&
gpg --verify $SOURCE_DIR/openvas-scanner-$OPENVAS_SCANNER_VERSION.tar.gz.asc $SOURCE_DIR/openvas-scanner-$OPENVAS_SCANNER_VERSION.tar.gz

I had no issues using those command separately to download those files. I guess you have a connection issue.

Another issue could be that the “export” calls have been missing / not done and then the “curl” calls won’t work as a wrong URL is accessed.

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For further debugging the issue please always paste the full error output.