Error creating target via hosts file - "Error in host specification"

Hi all,

I’ am having trouble uploading a hosts file when creating a new target, the below error is appearing:

“Error in host specification”

I’ am using the Community Trial edition, version 21.04.18

I have a simple .csv UTF-8 file with a list of WAN IP addresses, a few of which contain hostnames.

However I have tried removing the hostnames, as well as WAN IP’s ending with a one digit number, as I read on the below forum that this has caused an issue for some.

I also read on another forum post, that the size of the subnet being too large may be the cause of the issue, but am unsure.

Lastly, I have also reviewed the below documentation regarding requirements of using the host files option to scan with.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Please disregard the above now, resolved my own issue.

It turns out uploading a .csv file without the UTF-8 file format works, depsite the documentation stating the opposite. This may need to be updated.


it looks like you are correct regarding the documentation requiring an update. As far as I can see only ASCII strings are allowed in the file while the encoding seems less relevant.

I’ll forward this internally to get it improved.