Enqueue all the tasks (manually)


I’ve created a lot of targets (one per host, each host could have 1 or more IPs).
Then I’ve created a single recurrent (daily) schedule with an open end and ‘entire operation’ duration.
Then I’ve created lots of tasks, one per target, each one is set up to use abovementioned schedule.
(Not sure whether this is the right strategy or not, I did this so I could have coherent reports - one per host, it’s just a test setup and I can ditch it without hesitation if there are better one exist)

But when time comes only some small part of the tasks got enqueued and executed, the rest just left there untouched (“New”) till the next scheduled date. I expected that all the tasks that have this schedule defined in their config will be executed but apparently this is not the case and GVM will run only those tasks that were lucky enough to got enqueued on time.

Is there some ready to use way to enqueue all the tasks manually? I mean, more sane way than splitting targets in small arbitrary groups and creating separate schedules for each.

Thank you.