Dear community,

I’m wondering which scanners will currently still work with the existing feeds and which won’t.

Is there an end-of-life calendar for greenbone products somewhere around? How does this normally work for greenbone in general? Should such dates be interpreted as the dates the feeds immediately stop working?


this is a bit different for the enterprise product, community version and the feeds.

For our enterprise product the phases are clearly defined and can be found at Roadmap & Lifecycle - Greenbone Networks

For the Greenbone Community Edition it is more fluid depending on the effort to support older versions. At the moment we support 21.04 and 22.04. All older releases are end of life and you wont get support from a Greenbone employee other then “update your system first”.

For the feed we supported even very old versions for a long time. This was a big burden for the feed and scanner development. With the latest feed deployment changes we are able to ship different feeds for different releases. This allows us to drop support for older versions in the feed too. As a result the feed for an unsupported release may not get further updates any time in future or even older versions then 21.04 may stop working due to incompatible changes in the feed.