Email alerts do not attach large reports

I have already read several topics on this matter in this forum but none of them really give a solution alleging different arguments and giving general considerations. I would like to ask that we all please provide a real solution because it is a real problem with this product and we can help.

In this link is the step-by-step installation that I used to deploy greenbone, here are the names and versions of everything that has been installed and the ways in which it works. I’ll clarify that they only respond by saying “I can’t give you more explanations because it depends on the way your greenbone was deployed”, well here it is.

The problem is that when you send a large network to be scanned and the report grows, it is no longer attached, leaving only this error message.

note: this report exceeds the maximum length of 1048576 characters and thus was truncated.

After searching so much I found a solution which I share for those who need it.

I edited the service file located in this path nano /etc/systemd/system/gvmd.service
The file contains a structure with some parameters that are executed when the service starts and others that configure GVMD, therefore in the line that begins with “ExecStart= …” I added to the content of that line separated by spaces the following values:
Then I saved the file, reloaded the service and just in case I was in doubt, I restarted the server to check that when the system started everything was working correctly.
Now I get the reports regardless of the size.

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