Doesn't show all vulnerability


I used the Full and Fast scan for a XP machine ( vunlerable ) and I scanned with Nessus and Openvas. I wasn’t able to find ALL vulnerability that Nessus found but the big issue is the authentificate scan. When I entered the login in nessus I was able to find 700+ vuln. but with Openvas I wasn’t able to find any new compare to the non-authentificate one. I added the credential in the target in SMB, SSH, still no success. All my feeds are up to date.

Thank you


this can have several reasons. First of all what’s you installation method and which version do you use?

A few short suggestions:

  1. Making sure to use the latest 22.4 releases (see Greenbone Community Edition 22.4.1 Bugfix release (2023-01-13))
  2. Making sure that the installation is build with
  3. Checking all other points listed on Hint: Verify target configuration / access for authenticated (LSC) scans