Does openvas have a community edition

does openvas have a community edition which is free like it says openvas9 is free but am not bale to install it in linux

Is the community edition still available? If yes where can i find it?
Is GSM free, do i need to request for the key to use it?

Our Greenbone products are based on what’s known as OpenVAS. The components of OpenVAS are free and can be found at Distributions like Kali pick up our source code releases and build packages from them. This is what you can install on a distribution.

From Greenbone side you can try out our product with a VM by following the link

Additionally we provide a documentation to build our free software from source

HI, Thanks for the response.
I installed the GVM 21.04 but after the installation and nvt sync when i try to restart the services it says none of the services are found.
I tried if i can install any services package but that didnt help as well.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Without getting more details it’s impossible to help. How did you install GVM 21.04 now? Which commands don’t run exactly and what’s the error output?