Docker Compose file SMTP Setting

Hi Community,
I have installed GVM using : Building 22.4 from Source - Greenbone Community Documentation
But I couldn’t find any documentation about SMTP setup or SMTP environment variable setup. Can some one help me on this.

Hello dmchandrasinghe, and welcome to the Greenbone Community Forum. :slight_smile:

The Greenbone Community Edition does not include any emailing service, that’s solely your responsibility. Personally, I can recommend using Postfix for this, as it’s easy to set up and documentation is fairly good. Since GVM will use a standard sendmail pipe, the variety of emailing services you can pick is large.


So that mean i should install smtp client or relay. do you have any idea if i install postfix on docker and config with mail server will it work?

In my case, I installed Postfix in the gvmd container and configured it to send the emails via an Office address. While this may not be best practise, it works pretty well so far.


Can you explain how you set it up so the mail settings inside the gvmd container persists a update/pull of new container images?
I‘ve got it working on the host and inside the gvmd container, but after updating the settings are of course gone…

Either you change the docker container manually, or fork the container yourself and make your changes. There’s a pull request that includes a mail server pending