Discrepancies and Queries in OpenVAS Cloud Trial XML Reports

Hi team,

I’m currently using the OpenVAS cloud trial to explore the information available in XML reports. In reviewing these reports, several discrepancies have been observed:

  1. The result id remains the same across all results and reports.
  2. Certain fields are missing compared to XML reports from the community version, specifically:
  • <severities score="10.0">
  • <tags>cvss_base_vector</tags>
  1. There’s a difference in date format (e.g., creation_time field):
  • Cloud version: <creation_time>2024-05-10T06:30:04.807393735Z</creation_time>
  • Community version: <creation_time>2024-01-10T13:12:20Z</creation_time>

Any idea if these discrepancies are due to a bug or if they’re intentional behaviors or are related to the trial version only?


There is no product named “OpenVAS Cloud Trial”. I guess from your other post your are referring to Greenbone Cloud Service (GCS).

Hi @rippledj,

Correct, the issue is about Greenbone Cloud Service (GCS)!

OK, thanks for the information, I’ll look into this issue.

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