Discovery and key?

CE GDC 4.2.20 seems to have installed properly. Bridged network inf.
network nodes including openvas and host
virtual box on Windows10
NVT etc downloaded.

regardless of the target created: scan using various options including discovery: no results. I cannot work out why
I do not yet have an evaluation key - would this be sufficient to explain my lack of success?

A key is not needed for the CE (the subscription key is needed to get the Security Feed instead of the Community Feed).

Some reasons for seeing no results:

  • Feed not yet downloaded? The lists in the GUI’s SecInfo section should be populated.
  • Alive test: some targets may not respond to ping (e.g. Win 10 by default, also firewall restrictions etc.). In these cases choosing ‘consider alive’ as test method can help.

From the admin menu you can also drop to the shell (via Advanced>Support>Shell) and try pinging your targets to verify they are reachable.

In case you haven’t already seen it, here’s the startup guide:


Thanks for your informative answer.
Suddenly I began to see results! Right after I installed wireshark on the host. Perhaps wireshark/wincap is the equivalent of ncap which I read somewhere is required - I had assumed all requirements are installed with the download…

This note may be useful for windows folk kicking of an installation.


the GCE provides all requirements for a successful scan out of the box. There are no additional packages / installations required to get scans to work besides a successful first sync of the feed as explained above.

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