Disable TLS/SSL cipher checks

Hi. Is there a way to disable the very time consuming SSL/TLS cipher checks? We have a very specific set of checks to run, which includes detecting certain aspects of what is running on port 25 and port 443, but we do not need the cipher checks that seem to get enabled no matter I do.

I have created a new empty scanner config, and added the brute force checks, and a couple of others, but it takes about 20 minutes to check a node.


Most likely you have some VTs in your scan config which have a direct or even an indirect dependency to this VT you don’t want to start.

The scanner has a auto_enable_dependencies setting which defaults to yes which can be set to no to avoid that such dependencies are pulled in automatically. When changing this setting please be aware that you need to handle the dependencies in your scan config on your own.

Thanks for the suggestion. I actually tried that, but then nothing ran at all. So I need to figure out the dependencies by hand, which is hard since I don’t know where to find a dependency graph, other then grepping the plugins directory.

So I changed the plugin source and forced the plugins to reload. That worked okay, I actually got an alert for a vulnerability. But the alert email was empty (no CVS file attached). Not sure if that is a side effect of what I did, still trying to figure out the report stuff.