Different versions in app and report

Hi all,

I’m posting this question to get some help understanding the versions.

We use Greenbone and periodically receive a vulnerability report as a result of an automatic security scan.
The report states that we use version 20.8.0 with a notification of the vulnerability
that we should update to the newer version 21.4.3.

However, when we login to Docker we seem to be using version 5.1.3-2.

Is there any logical explanation that the report shows a different version than the software itself?


This looks to me like a problem of the docker container. Please contact the docker container maintainer about this problem:

I you are getting 5.1.3 shown in the docker this means that openvas-scanner version 5.1.3 is in use in that docker container which was part of the long end of life OpenVAS 9 as shown here:



Thanks, we are still figuring this out but this information helps!