Different Result with Credentialed Scan

Hello everyone,
I recently installed the following version into my machine with testing purposes. I also downloaded a metasploitable virtual machine to test. The scan result is different than the one with credentials, is this normal or should I need to configure the system somehow? (I used full and fast scanning for both)
Thank you

GVM versions

gsad: (‘21.4.2’)
gvmd: (‘21.4.3’)
openvas-scanner: (‘21.4.1’)
gvm-libs: (‘21.4.2’)


Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04
Kernel: (‘5.11.0-37-generic’)
Installation method / source: Source

Hello @adnkilic,

That’s normal to have different result if you use authenticated scan and when you don’t us it. I suggest you to read the manual to understand the concept of authenticated scan and the different types of scans.

I hope it helps.

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Hello @Itcracker,
I am aware of the credentialed scan, and I don’t expect the %100 same output for both scan but I don’t expect GSE to find nothing about a virtual machine including several serious vulnerabilities while another vulnerability scanner and Credentialed Scan with GSE are able to find. They are not new vulnerabilities and the output is most probably deficient.
Thank you for the reply