Different reports between web and gvm-cli

Good morning, how are you?

I am conducting some tests to automate some tasks with Openvas, but I have encountered an issue. I am trying to download CSV reports of a scan from the console, but the report I download only includes findings from logs (Severity: Logs), while the scan has Medium and Critical findings. If I download the same report from the Openvas web, it downloads correctly with all findings (Low, Medium, Critical).

The command I am using is:
gvm-cli -c gvm-tools.conf socket --xml ‘<get_reports report_id=“db4be2f0-8355-4b9d-ba1c-6bea76c13153” format_id=“c1645568-627a-11e3-a660-406186ea4fc5” apply_overrides=“0” levels=“chml” rows=“100” min_qod=“70” first=“1” sort-reverse=“severity” details=“1” />’