Difference between the trial VM and build from Source

Hello everyone,

I would like to know if there is a difference between the Greenbone Enterprise Trial at a Glance (Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL 14 days for free - Greenbone) and the Greenbone Community Edition build from source (Building 22.4 from Source - Greenbone Community Documentation) ?

They’re both installed on VMs on my computer but when I launch a scan with the same spec against the same other VM I don’t have the same output.

Can anyone help me ?


this is a very complex topic and there can be many reasons for differences. For example

  • First of all, did you aquire a 14-day test key for our enterprise feed?
  • Is the NVT feed version the same?
  • Are you using the exact same network settings?
  • Are all targets reachable from both VMs?
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Thank you for your answer.

So :

  • No I didn’t aquire the 14 day test key, I run it without and it’s working
  • Yes the NVT feed version is the same on both VMs
  • Yes I do use the exact network settings
  • Yes the target is reachable from both VMs
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In this case no - or very little - differences should occur. We need to analyze this further.

  • Were the scans authenticated scans using credentials? If yes, were both logins to the target system successful? You can check this in the “Hosts” tab of the report in the column “Auth”, or directly in the results, if you enable log-level results.
    • If a login failed, check if it was blocked by the target system, e.g. due to brute force protection.
  • Related: Is the target system still in good health? Scans can cause system services to crash, and non-responsive system services may give less results.
  • Are there any error messages in the scan reports or in the system logs of the Greenbone VMs?

I don’t configure any authentication to the target. I just launch the scan with the IP address.
I have to say that on my VM, I launch the scan with python-gvm, maybe I forgot to do something here but be sure I didn’t configure authentication on the Greenbone Enterprise Trial VM.

The target is in good health yes. I don’t start the both scan at the same time.

And I unfortunately don’t have any error messages on my logs :frowning: