Deprecating support for Nmap NSE by June 30th 2020

The support for Nmap NSE was developed in 2010 to provide access to the Nmap NSE scripts. The concept did not work out as expected. Wrapping tools in VTs did not deliver the desired seamless integration into the scan process. Greenbone rather implemented all needed parts within the OpenVAS scanner and its vulnerability tests. Now it is time to finally move the NSE support to the attic. All NSE VTs will be deprecated by June 30th 2020.


Thanks Jan. Will this require any manual configuration changes to scan configs, or will deprecating them just remove them from configs with no action?

Moving VTs to the attic means these are marked as deprecated but they still exist as an empty shell. Which means, nothing will happen if you explicitly execute them with your scan configuration. ‘Nothing’ also means nothing bad. So, it is not mandatory to change any scan configuration.