Dead URL is dead.
All mcafee is changed to Trellix…

Note: The following below is only valid for VT content (SecInfo → NVTs in the Web GUI)

Hello and welcome to this community portal.

This is currently expected as checking 100k+ VTs for still reachable / available URLs and find alternatives for them if not is (at least currently) not feasible.

If one is interested in the content of the URL services like e.g. are available where most of such content is archived.


Just noticed that the initial question was about a specific CVE (on the Web GUI available via SecInfo → CVEs) and not about content from VTs. For content of e.g. CVEs the above doesn’t apply.

All content of CVEs, CPEs, CERT-Bund Advisories or DFN-CERT Advisories available via:

is not maintained by / out of control of Greenbone and would need to be reported to the upstream organization if e.g. issues / wrong data or similar is found within it.

For the given CVE-1999-0524 this would be MITRE:

were a submission form is available here:

Once the entry got updated in the MITRE database the info from the posted screenshot above will be updated automatically a few working days later.

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