Customized reports CI

I would like to customize our reports regarding to CI. Unfortunatly I don´t really have any options for this, yet.
Is it possible to add text/graphics in the footer and change the colour of the graphic? Also I´d like to change the position of my logo on the top of the report.

Hey @johannes.zacharias, welcome to our community!

You may or not be be aware that there is already a workaround for the requested feature,

  • Using an common editor you can apply the desired changes.
  • The feature is on our feature list already,
  • But not as a highest priority, as the workaround works perfectly and is sufficient for the most users. It therefore does not qualify for a higher prio.

Sorry for that, but I hope the workaround works for you too,



Hey @Elmar thank you for your reply.
Do you mean the “customize appearance for your End-Customer”? Here I can only upload our logo but I am not able to change the position of it. Also I can not add text/graphics to the footer, or change the colour of the graphic that is always displayed.
I also talked about it with Jörk Gödde and he asked me to open a topic here and, if I understood him correctly, he said that you will add it in the near future as it is a feature that is often requested.

Hi @johannes.zacharias, yes, if frequently requested we will put this on our roadmap.

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Hello, we would also love to add our company logo to the reports sent to customers!