Custom scanner configurations

Dear users,
I would like to know if it is possible to import customized scanner configurations, to carry out more complete and in-depth scans, which are closer to scans carried out with commercial scanners.
I know there is a section, in the scanners tab, where you can load custom configurations, I would like to know if there are configurations available in the community or on the internet that security experts or users of this forum have compiled and created to improve the scans of this wonderful tool , and if so where to find them.

This is because sometimes openVAS detects CVEs in some hosts and the same CVE is not detected in other machines (obviously which have the same vulnerability).
Thanks so much for the support.

Sorry your question is not precise, GVM uses multiple scanners, for example Notus is detecting exactly like most commercial scanner missing patches and CVEs, i think you missed the point of your correct setup.

Many “comercial” scanner use OpenSouce components from GVM.

The “commercial” OpenSource Version of GVM does cover for example enterprise products as well CIS controls :wink:

If your detection fails, it´s mostly due to a missed configuration of your GVM tool chain or missing coverage due to the community feed.