Custom Scan for CVE-2019-0708

I am attempting to create a custom scan. I only want this scan to cover CVE-2019-0708. I am having a hard time trying to create a scan for this vulnerability and am asking for assistance. I can set up targets, tasks, etc. Just having a hard time with the custom scan tasks.


without reading to much about the vulnerability itself, maybe filter the NVT section of the GSA for the CVE may give you the VTs to select?

Also, might this link answer your question already?"CVE-2019-0708"

Edit: Just saw this post from Lukas Change of Scanner to CVE, which could help here as well.

You can basically:

  1. Create a new empty scan config
  2. Add the mentioned VTs from Hint: Self-created scan configs (copy of "empty" scan config) showing no results
  3. Add all VTs checking for this specific CVE
  4. Configure an authenticated scan as described in
  5. Run the scan