Custom Scan Configuration to Skip Ping Host

Hi all,

I couldn’t find my answer from here and I was wondering if anyone could advise me on this (maybe im not navigating the forums properly).

So I manually installed GVM 20.08 on an ubuntu 20.04 (AWS ec2 instance actually, so I have no GUI access and would be doing everything using gvm-cli and gvm-script), following this guide

And I need to customise my scan to do skip Ping Host and do Host Alive because my scans are on AWS platforms in which ICMP traffic is blocked by default (I don’t really want to enable ICMP just for a scan)

But i understand that the Ping Host is necessary for a scan config so I’m wondering if anyone could advise on any alternative around this.

Thanks in advanced!

Please see the related documentation about this available here:


Hi there, appreciate the quick response. Just a quick question - I noted that both Target configuration and Scan configurations support configuring the Alive Test (To which I would probably be configuring as Consider Alive), I was just wondering if I have to configure both the target and scan configuration’s Alive Test configuration to my preferred option or would just one of them do.

Thank you!

AFAIK the Alive Test setting of the target configuration is overwriting the one of the scan configuration (as long as you don’t set the Alive Test to “Scan Config Default”).