Custom report

I newely intalled openvas version 22.7.3, and would like to customize the scan report to add my company logo.
Can anyone share with me how to , i will be so gratefull

I have not seen this feature available for Greenbone Community Edition or Enterprise, but I have limited experience with Enterprise. So, if you want a custom logo on the report I guess you will have to either modify the PDF report yourself or build a custom document from the XML report.

thank you for your reply, i found a solution i modified the XSL file within the /usr/local/var/lib/gvm/gvmd/report_formats/685c90fd-2ded-40bc-81a1-4f983ecec1d1/c402cc3e-b531-11e1-9163-406186ea4fc5 by adding this package \usepackage{graphicx} so the file can undertand the image format plus these arguments:
\includegraphics[width=100px]{./name of image.png}
both \usepackage{graphicx} and arg are added in the latex.xsl file

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