Custom report layout and formatting


I would like to create a custom PDF or HTML layout for reporting with:
Custom font.
Custom font size.
Custom margin size.
Custom columns/table for each NVT/CVE outputted.


You can find the documentation how to create such a custom report format here:



I am facing the same requirements. I would like to create a custom report with custom content. I started with cloning a Global Report Format with GSA in order to edit the report sources to fit my needs. But after cloning the ‘PDF’ Global Report Format the Trust status remains ‘unknown’ and the ‘Verify Report Format’ doesn’t change anything. As a result I cant’t use the new Report Format.

The mentioned documentation about custom report formats doesn’t state anything about Trust. Also I don’t have a “create_report_import” script in my report_formats directory.

Do you have any advice on this issue?

My setup: OpenVAS 9, GSA 7, GMP 7 (apt install openvas on a Kali Linux)

Okay, the Trust ‘unkown’ issue I mentioned in my last post was probably just a small hang-up. I tried it again and cloning a global report worked fine.

Because as mentioned, the steps in the report-format-HOWTO are somehow not applicable to my setup, I followed a different approach:

By cloning a global report, a new directory is set up in which the new custom report lives. This workspace is created not where the global reports are stored but in the user space. In my case this is:


Here you can find the generate script and the XSLT file which describes the layout. In this workspace you can now customize the report format to your specific needs. The XSLT file describes the layout and how the XML report shall be processed. The generate script is like a makefile and specifies how the report output file shall be created.

When a get_report request is made, the Manager calls the generate script and passes the report in raw XML report as argument.