Custom NVTs not showing in GSA since upgrade


I’ve just completed an upgrade of the following components:

openvas-scanner v5 to v6,
openvas-manager v7 to gvm v8.0
gsad v7 to v8.

I think I’m on top of all the issues now, and I’ve run a couple of test scans without too much trouble. There is one nagging issue I can’t seem to resolve though…

I’ve some custom NASL scripts in plugins/private that worked in the previous versions. Indeed, they seem to still work as far as openvas-scanner is concerned, as I’ve confirmed they are loaded with “log_plugins_name_at_load = yes”, and they pass openvas-nasl-lint test. They are not visible in GSA however.

In previous versions, I created a new scan config and selected the new NVT, but since updating they simply aren’t showing up there. I’m unable to find any errors, or any indication why they may be failing. Is there another step I need to carry out in this version of GSA?


Have you checked openvassd.log about whether the NVTs might have been rejected?
Note that it is not openvassd.message / openvassd.dump anymore where log ends up. We cleaned up the logging of openvassd and improved it to the standard we already established for the other modules.

Once openvassd accepts them, I see no reason why they should not show up in the Web-UI when other new NVTs show up there with each feed update.

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There are no errors, I’m afraid. In fact openvassd specifically says it’s loading it:

sd main:MESSAGE:2019-05-07 09h43.55 utc:5895: openvassd 6.0.0 started
sd main:MESSAGE:2019-05-07 10h12.07 utc:1422: Loading private/custom/test.nasl

I’m unable to search the OID or the name in GSAD NVTs, not do they show up in the scan configs page… There are apparently no problems with the NVT itself, at least according to openvas-nasl-lint:

openvas-nasl-lint -i /var/lib/openvas/plugins /var/lib/openvas/plugins/private/custom/test.nasl
0 errors found

I’m a bit stuck at this point, and I’m hoping someone can point to where to look next. It’ll be a shame if I can’t get this working as ultimately I won’t be able to use this version without this facility.