Csv file format change?

Since last update here ( gvmd 23.1.0 on Kali), csv reports are “crooked” in the first columns IP / Hostname instead of having W.X.Y.Z and some.thing.tld I get funcky stuff:

Of course this wrecks all the parsing of csv file :frowning:
Any idea how to fix/avoid this behavior? pdf reports are ok

Thank you!

If issues like this are showing up after updating the underlying software stack (e.g. the manager in this case) please open a new issue over here:

It is unlikely that the Community is able to offer help with such kind of issues and the development team would need to be notified instead.


Thanks for your reply, after some inspections it turns out the csv has more fields now, so I fixed it by filtering the problem which will never be solved by our sysadmin team :expressionless: and re-adapt my csv extractor script.

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