Credential - Windows client scanner exe download zero bytes

GVM versions

gsad: 9
gvmd: 9
openvas-scanner: 7
gvm-libs: 11


Ubuntu 18.04
**ubuntu 5.4.0-42
**Source From github repo (multiple different attempts from packages, repos, scripts, even someones docker!)

Hi, I’m trying to build from source, or actually I dont mind where I build from, but in every attempt I have an error with the windows client scanner exe download (On the Credentials page) comes down as zero bytes.
The only time I’ve seen that exe work is in the free trial VMappliance.
The build has lots of errors, too many to post here, but as an example.
[ 22%] Building C object samba/CMakeFiles/samba-static.dir/auth/credentials/credentials_krb5.c.o
/tmp/gvm-source/openvas-smb/samba/auth/credentials/credentials_krb5.c: In function ‘cli_credentials_set_from_ccache’:
/tmp/gvm-source/openvas-smb/samba/auth/credentials/credentials_krb5.c:95:2: warning: ‘krb5_princ_realm’ is deprecated [-Wdeprecated-declarations]
realm = krb5_princ_realm(cred->ccache->smb_krb5_context->krb5_context, princ);
In file included from /usr/include/heimdal/krb5.h:949:0,
from /tmp/gvm-source/openvas-smb/samba/lib/replace/system/kerberos.h:128,
from /tmp/gvm-source/openvas-smb/samba/auth/credentials/credentials_krb5.c:26:
/usr/include/heimdal/krb5-protos.h:6374:1: note: declared here
krb5_princ_realm (

Any suggestions, or a better place to post the full error?

Please review the following prerequisites for self-build installations: