Creating tasks with gvm-tools does not work

I am trying to create a task using the terminal. So far I created a target successfully. When I am trying to create a task I do create an entity but it is a container instead a task.
I am using the following:

 gvm-cli tls --gmp-username admin --gmp-password admin --xml "<create_task><name>3000</name>
> <target target_id="714f2ad0-e345-4984-922d-54065f796ea2"></target><scanner id='08b69003-5fc2-4037-a479-93b440211c73'><name>OpenVAS Default</name><type>2</type></create_task>" --host

When the command is being executed I do not get a 200-ok but " Remote connection closed". I still get a container created but this is not what I want.

What could be the issue?:slight_smile:
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I suppose it should be id and not target_id:

<target id="714f2ad0-e345-4984-922d-54065f796ea2"/>

Looking at the code it seems if the <target id="..."/> element is missing or it’s id value is 0 a container task is created.


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@bricks This is what I recieved after changing target_id to id

First of all DON’T INSTALL AND RUN GVM-TOOLS AS ROOT! It is dangerous and highly insecure. Personally I consider running normal software under the root user as a bad habit.

Second the manager daemon is not listening for TLS connections by default. Did you setup it correctly and did you check if it is listening on the expected socket?