Create scanner with SSH Key


I decided to set up a master/slave architecture but I’ve just seen that it was only possible to create a scanner with username/password.
I would like to use ssh key authentication (username/ key ssh) to login to my slave.
Is it possible ?
There is no risk of data interception with only username/password?

Thank you,
Have a good day !

GVM versions

gsa: 8.0.0
gvm: 8.0.0
openvas-scanner: 6.0.0
gvm-libs: 10.0.0


**Operating system:Centos 7
**Kernel: 3.10.0-957.21

Mutual trust and master-slave based on SSH-Keys are GOS exclusive, you need to program your security framework self on a GSE installation. The documentation is ONLY valid for GOS any self compiled GSE or uncoordinated integration is not covered complete by our documentation based on master - sensor.