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we’ve intalled the Greenbone OS Appliance (6.0.7) and now want to create a custom report format, which is just a customized PDF report format; but anyway, we’d like to create it as a new and standalone report, rather than just editing the common PDF format.

Therefore I exported the PDF format and reimported it in the WebGUI.
When I do that, a folder is created: /opt/greenbone/valuable/user/gvmd/report_formats//<report_format_id>/ and a new format appears under Configuration -> Report Formats in the WebGUI.
I also edited the report_format.xml file in the directory to match the folder’s name / the report format’s ID.

After activating the report format it is not visible in the Drop-Down-Menu when I want to generate a report. There’s just the common preconfigured report formats.
The only difference I can actually see is, that the preconfigured reports are shown as “global objects” and the custom format says its owner is “admin”.

What do I do wrong? Is there another way to create a new report format? Perhaps as a global report format, if that’d help? The documentation doesn’t really fit/work out, or at least I cannot find the right section…

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Hello patman, and welcome to the Greenbone Community!

All report formats need to be reviewed and signed by Greenbone Networks, as they may contain executable and possibly dangerous code. Only if a report format is signed correctly, it is trusted, and will then be useable in all corresponding menus. You can check the current status of your report format in the Trust (Last Verified) column.

If you are a customer of Greenbone Networks, you can send a request for a report format to

We will improve our documentation to explain this better.

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Thank you for your answer Martin.

So, as far as I understand, that means that I cannot create and use custom report_formats on my own without sending them in to be signed, right? The thing is, this is just a customization of the latex.xsl file to have customized headers and footers in the generated PDF file. That’s actually nothing, other people would want to have… :wink:

What actually works is editing the files from the default PDF report_format. Is this the recommended way to get those customizations?

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That is correct: All report formats in Greenbone OS (which includes the Greenbone Community Edition) have to be signed by Greenbone.

Customizing your Greenbone OS installation is not supported. In that case I will have to point you to the Greenbone Source Edition.

If you are interested in enterprise-level service for Greenbone OS, including support for report formats, please contact us here:

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