CPU usage 100% causing crash

And when running it uses 100% CPU

(writting this before my PC crashes)

You overloaded your scan task, try with default values and Full & Fast.

ok so here we go again:

and here we are:

“writting this before the crash of my pc…”

You overloaded your system, with 20 Task and 4 concurrent NVTs = 80 parallel running tests.

If you run as much parallel you need a better IO performance or you will block your system and can´t work any more interactive with your PC.

As well heavy kernel scheduling and tuning is needed to run a system with that load. I suggest you reduce the max concurrent hosts to 4 and see how your installation perform that way.

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Note that such a 100% CPU usage is the expected behavior during scans, especially Redis is quite CPU resource intensive.

But if a system is crashing under high system load this usually could also point towards issues in the underlying hardware:

  • Defective RAM / Memory
  • Overheated CPU (Not enough thermal paste, dusty CPU fan, …)
  • Too small Power supply unit (PSU)
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