CPU cores hanging while others are 100% full

Hi !

I looking for help troubleshooting my problem.
I have an OpenVAS-9 ( openvas-manager.x86_64 7.0.2-2737.el7.art ), supporting a GSA webui and managing a few remote OpenVAS-8 scanners.
While we are planning a migration to OpenVAS-9 scanners with network-exposed managers, we would like to solve this problem beforehand :

Our manager is heavily overloaded ( like … 6 hours to get an answer for a get_tasks request ).
When we look at system usage we see that :

htop : htop

I can’t find a way to change the scheduling strategy in order to use all my CPU cores.

Am I looking at it wrong ?
Thanks for your help


the current official / stable release of openvas-manager is 7.0.3 which has the following entries in its Changelog:

  • SQL queries are now canceled if the connection is closed by a client to prevent abandoned requests like closed pages in GSA from keeping the database busy.
  • An issue which caused processes to wait busily has been addressed.

as well as several other mentions of “performance” improvements which might help for your current situation.