Corrupted PDF report


This is my first post here :slight_smile:

With OpenVAS 10, I get a corrupted PDF when I export reports (PDF or latex).

I’ve exported the report in XML (not the xml anonymous, the full) and run manually xsltproc command :
xsltproc ./latex.xsl test.xml > test.latex

Then pdflatex command :
pdflatex test.latex

! Misplaced \noalign.
\rowcolor → \noalign
{\ifnum 0=`}\fi \global \let \CT@do@color \CT@@do@color…
l.1357 \rowcolor
{white}{\verb=arachni (NASL wrapper)=}\

In test.latex file :

1355 : \textbf{Log Method}\
1356 : Details:
1357 : \rowcolor{white}{\verb=arachni (NASL wrapper)=}\
1358 : OID:\
1359 : Version used:

If I modify latex.xsl like this :

  • 1306 : xsl:textDetails:</xsl:text><xsl:call-template name=“newline”/>
  • 1306 : xsl:textDetails:\</xsl:text><xsl:call-template name=“newline”/>
  • 1333 : xsl:textVersion used:</xsl:text><xsl:call-template name=“newline”/>
  • 1333 : xsl:textVersion used:\</xsl:text><xsl:call-template name=“newline”/>

I can get a PDF report with the hosts but without vulnerabilities while there are many vulnerabilities

My system :
gsad --version
Greenbone Security Assistant 8.0+beta2

gvmd --version
Greenbone Vulnerability Manager 8.0+beta2

openvassd --version
OpenVAS Scanner 6.0+beta2


Operating system:
Ubuntu Server 18.04 x64

Did anyone have this problem?


Just a side note: There is and will be no OpenVAS 10. The Greenbone Source Edition software suite is called GVM (Greenbone Vulnerability Management) now. Only the scanner will keep the name OpenVAS.

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