Corrupted NVT HackTool:Perl/Actfaxbo.A!MTB

I build gvm on Windows WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) and when I execute greenbone-nvt-sync and have an alert this nvt :
Windows antivirus says that it was a virus HackTool:Perl/Actfaxbo.A!MTB on file file: C:\Users\XXX\Ubuntu\Ubuntu\rootfs\var\lib\openvas\plugins\2011.gb_actfax_46412.nasl.ybJ6sI
Can you check please ?

That is pretty sure a false positive, do not run any AV on GVM Feed, many probes and signatures match AV signatures as well IDS/IDP signatures. That is the reason why some NG Firewalls just reset the feed sync :wink:

Additional it is NOT supported to run on WSL, if you succeed just tell us how, but official you need to run in on Linux with GLIBC. Many functions from the Scanner might not be supported by WSL.