Copy Openvas scan config and results to new Kali linux installation

I had Kali Linux 4.x running well along with OpenVAS. I had many scan config settings, scans and results. Recently Openvas Scan result showed Critical Vulnerability as below.
Unfortunaltey I tried to upgrade the Kali linux and ended up in Kali linux mounting problems but I can operate in Recovery mode. When I entered the recovery mode, I can see Openvas upgraded to latest version 20. I tried a lot to restore the set up but nothign worked out. So now I decided to reinstall the Kali linux. In that case, can you help me with procedure to copy the existing openvas scan configs and results. And how to put it in the new Kali linux installation PC. I must be able to view the old results atleast, think can create new task with previous scan settings? Is that possible?
Many thanks.

High (CVSS: 10.0)
NVT: Report outdated Scan Engine / Environment (local) (OID:
Vulnerability Detection Result
Installed GVM Libraries (gvm-libs) version: 9.0.3
Latest available GVM Libraries (gvm-libs) version: 10.0.2

Any suggestion please?

You can export existing scan reports as XML and import them at a different machine into a container task.


Thanks for your reply. Can you please refer me to the procedure how to export?
Can I export the existing scan settings as well? This is also required for me.
Because right now I don’t have UI access since I can only login to Kali recovery mode in command line.
Thank you.

You can use the python-gvm API or use the Export/Download Icons in the GSA webinterface to export any kind of Entity from your machine.
You will than have some xml-formatted files you can import on the new machine using the same methods vice versa.


Hi All,
I managed to copy the task.db files from the Kali linux with problem. Now I have a Kali in Windows Virtual Box where it has gvm 20.08 new version. Can anyone help me how to import the old task.db (openvas 9) into new gvm so that when I start gvm I can see old scan results.?
Thank you.

You can´t import a legacy installation first you need to migrate to GVM 10 and then GVM11 before you can migrate GVM11 to GVM 20.08.