Container: openvasd, continuously restarting

I am having an issue with the openvasd-1 container in Docker. I am using the Greenbone Community Edition and it was working perfectly fine up until a couple days ago. Now the openvasd-1 container is just continuously restarting. It says:

WARN openvasd: OSPD socket /var/run/ospd/ospd.sock does not exist. Some commands will not work until the socket is created!
INFO openvasd: configuring storage devices mode=Service storage_type=InMemory
INFO openvasd: using in memory store. No sensitive data will be stored on disk.
Error: Os { code: 98, kind: AddrInUse, message: “Address already in use” }

The last line that starts with, “Error: Os…”, repeats itself many times before it restarts and gives the same lines of warning, info, and error. Even completely deleting all containers, images, volumes, and networks on docker and starting fresh doesn’t fix it completely. Sometimes it will work and then go back to openvasd-1 container restarting continuously, and sometimes it just restarts from the second I start all the containers after doing a fresh pull of all of them. I’ve tried researching this on Google and these forums, but I haven’t found anything of use so far. Any help is greatly appreciated.