"Consider Alive" not working?

I downloaded this as an ISO (4.2.24). Installed into a VM. Waited for a sync to finish. Feed version is March 13 9:29 2019. It complains that it can’t reach a feed server, but I can ping Google via DNS and IP from the non-privileged shell account.

All my reports are empty. The hosts are firewalled, so they don’t respond to ping, but I can ssh to them from the non-privileged shell account. In the past, setting “Consider Alive” in the target configuration worked, but now it doesn’t. I’m not sure what to do to get this working again. Suggestions appreciated!

[Edit:The answer provided below, after multiple days, is NOT helpful. The target machine for this scan is sitting on a public IP address, running an internal firewall that blocks ICMP traffic, and can be reached by other hosts sitting on the same subnet. Previously, scans from an earlier version of GCE were able to work, when “Consider Alive” was set. Now, on the current version, they don’t. Closing this thread while blithely dismissing this as an issue relevant to GCE is highly user unfriendly. My conclusion as a result of this process? Use different software; my time as a consultant is worth more. I won’t be back.]


I have pretty much the same problem. After a couple tries I can download the feed, that was basically misconfiguration of my VM (I’m generally not familiar with Hyper-v, which I have to use here).

But I can’t get a scan going. I’m trying to scan another VM on the same server, shouldn’t that work? I can ping everyone, no problem. I’ve set my target to be ‘Consider Alive’, but I can’t get there… I’ve seen some advice about nmap, but I understand from other posts that it’s included in the VM distributed. So I’m kind of out of ideas here :-(.

I am using GSM 4.2.24
in Hyper-v with the recommended settings
on a Windows 2016 server
anything else?

You should think about your virtual network. If you setup NAT you might be able to sync but not to scan other system. There is no global setting.

Design your virtual network like a DMZ or classic one and ensure you can reach the services without any NAT or Hypervisor interference.

So this is NOT a GCE issue i am closing this thread here.